MICRO Dog Toothbrush ™

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MICRO Dog Toothbrush ™

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Introducing the innovation you did not know you needed, the MICRO Dog Toothbrush™.
While having a very stylistic and precious design our invention brings every improvement to the table that a toothbrush for dog was requiring.

Why do your Dog Toothbrush requires improvements?

If the dogs toothbrush or the dogs dental care routine lacks quality or commitment there are a lot of potential risks considering the dogs health. 
Without brushing with a proper toothbrush, plaque can build up, which puts your dog at risk for bad breath which is very uncomfortable.
But it is not just that, in worse cases a bad mouth hygiene can lead to gum diseases and even tooth decay. 
It can also cause painful infections and furthermore severe infection can spread that cause life-threatening conditions.
That's why a good toothbrush for dogs is so important.

These well spread issues are a thing of the past now!
Experience the new dog toothbrush!

With its environmentally-friendly and antibacterial fiber hair the MICRO Dog Toothbrush™ poses a safe and hygienic major enrichment for your dogs dental care. By having an unmatched amount of 12000 ultra fine bristles the brush enables you to deeply clean every corner as well as between the teeth of your dog. 
With its wire diameter of 80 µm (micron) the MICRO Dog Toothbrush ™ is predestined to effectively remove the bacteria plaque on teeth and food residue without leaving dead ends. 
Hence it would be a good solution to the previously mentioned problem of getting bad breath, tooth decay or gum diseases.

Not just good, but great
Not just fine, but soft!

The professional technology, more concrete the utilization of these fine fibers also comprehensively improves the cleaning effect by saving your dogs gum from bleeding or even worse long from term damage that normally results from over brushing with hard brushes. It impresses with highly soft bristles that cause no pain or irritation when brushing teeth, which is also very beneficial to avoid gum bleeding. Brushing teeth with that kind of brush feels like an oral massage for your dog!

Quality wise it is on a very high level, having an excellent craft that ensures no hair loss thus being greatly durable.
The density of the bristles is also very high which increases the cleaning surface.

An outstanding cat toothbrush as well!

It is not just designed for dogs teeth. It is also predestined as a cat toothbrush since both pets have very similar criteria for their toothbrushes.
Cats also require a regular dental care routine which many people and even cat owners are not even aware of.
The finesse, softness and density are attributes that a cat toothbrush can profit from too!


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