MICRO Toothbrush™

MICRO Toothbrush™

MICRO Toothbrush™

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Introducing the innovation you did not know you needed, the MICRO Toothbrush™.
While having a very stylistic and precious design MICRO Toothbrush™ brings every improvement to the table that your oral care was requiring.

Why are you requiring improvements?

Did you know that more than 50% suffer from a chronic oral inflammation, a periodontal disease?
What makes it worse is that you do not recognize its arrival and the bacteria of this area enters the blood circulation, which can result in heart attacks or strokes in the worst case.
Most of us even personally know especially two unpleasant issues considering our teeth and mouth cleaning routine so far.
The first one applies to our gum.
The current generation of toothbrushes are still too hard, especially for people with sensitive gums.
Not a few people suffer from damaged gums without even knowing it, and it is not even from a lack of commitment for the oral care.
It is just a little bit of roughness that will cause damaged gums in the course of time. The second issue concerns the interspace of your teeth.
Common brushes do not enter them properly. If you then also neglect to use dental floss the growth of bacteria on your tooth is facilitated which leads to caries or inflammation for example.

These well spread issues are a thing of the past now!

With its environmentally-friendly and antibacterial fiber hair the  MICRO Toothbrush™ poses a safe and hygienic major enrichment for your dental care. By having an unmatched amount of 12000 ultra fine bristles the brush enables you to deeply clean every corner as well as between your teeth
With its wire diameter of 80 µm (micron) it is predestined to effectively remove the bacteria plaque on your teeth and food residue without leaving dead ends. 
Hence it would be a good solution to the previously mentioned problem of getting caries and consequently cavities as well.

Not just good, but great
Not just fine, but soft!

The professional technology, more concrete the utilization of these fine fibers also comprehensively improves the cleaning effect by saving your gum from bleeding or even worse long from term damage that normally results from over brushing with hard brushes. The MICRO Toothbrush ™ impresses with highly soft bristles that cause no pain or irritation when brushing teeth, which is also very beneficial to avoid gum bleeding. Quality wise it is on a very high level, having an excellent craft that ensures no hair loss thus being greatly durable.
The density of the bristles is also very high which increases the cleaning surface.
And of course it also contains a feature that is mandatory for every toothbrush or rather your dental care routine.
On the back of the brush side it has rough surface that removes the dirt and bacteria that is on your tongue, which is essential for preventing a periodontal disease.
Furthermore it has a double-sided non-slip handle design
so that it fits stable to the hand and will not slip and fall into the sink, a common problem which makes the brush unusable.

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